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Dashboard setup

I create custom dashboards within Looker Studio for established online business owners who want a simple yet effective way to make informed decisions.

Easy-to-read numbers

I design custom-built dashboards to transform raw data into actionable narratives, enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clear, easy-to-read numbers that save you time, money, and energy.

All your data in one place

The real advantage of dashboards lies in having all your data conveniently consolidated in one place. Many online businesses use various platforms for their website, email marketing, landing pages, or payment processors. Most of those platforms may offer their own dashboards and metrics, resulting in data available in silos. Creating dashboards in Looker Studio ensures that all your data is organized cohesively, providing meaningful insights and actionable information to guide your business forward.


Dashboards are as automatic as possible. Most of the information used in creating the reports comes from Google Analytics.

Your dashboard can then be connected to a Google spreadsheet updated through Zapier or Make, to incorporate information from other platforms.

Personalized dashboards

It's not necessary to track all the data that is available. We will discuss together the questions you need to answer for your business. Based on this discussion, I will design dashboards that respond to your needs.

Take a look at the examples below to see how dashboards can answer specific questions:

       * Traffic report: which channels generate leads and convert customers?
       * Launch funnel: how is your funnel performing? Where are your leads coming from?
       * Sales report: what is your most popular product? what are your monthly sales? 

Visualize your data: Dashboards Examples


What you will get


Audit & Measurement plan

For the 1st part of the process, we'll discuss the questions you have for your business and dive into your marketing ecosystem to identify the data you need to track. I will assess your current setup to identify areas for more efficient tracking.


Implementation & Optimization of your data collection

Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, I'll enhance your current setup and introduce new measurements tailored to your specific queries. By embedding Google Analytics tracking scripts at every touchpoint of your customer journey, from your website to landing pages to cart tools, we ensure comprehensive data capture.


Custom-build dashboard

Based on your unique questions and objectives, I'll craft your data dashboards to give you instant access to key information and allow you to visualize your traffic, monitor your marketing efforts, and analyze your sales performance. 


Training & Follow-up

I provide a comprehensive video training on navigating and utilizing your custom dashboard effectively. My goal is to ensure you feel confident in extracting the insights you need to drive your business forward. Plus, I offer two weeks of dedicated support to address any questions or challenges you encounter along the way.


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