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Let's kick your business up a level !


Ready to move your business forward and focus your energy on your zone of genius ?

Who is it for ?

  • You need to review your business strategy, processes, and operations, but you lack certain time to get this done

  • You spend a lot of time managing your business and you just want to focus on your big-picture goals

  • Your business is growing, you're struggling to find a balance between your daily operations and your family

What an OBM can help you with ?

  • Overseeing project management

  • Building & managing your virtual team

  • Documenting your business systems and processes (SOPs)

  • Managing your daily operations

  • Strategizing business growth

  • Creating systems and automations to give you back time and create efficiencies

  • Monitoring metrics & analysis

  • Planning & managing your next launch

Starting from​ 1.500 €/month

Please note packages are custom designed for your goals and budget.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Let's put our brains together !

Who is it for ?

  • You have tons of ideas for your business but no idea where to start

  • You have a creative mind, planning is just not your cup of tea

  • Your goals feel out of reach, you can't break down the steps to get there

  • You need clarity on what needs to happen in your business in the next 90 days

What will you get ?

  • a 90-minute zoom call to discuss your goals and visions, assess what is working and what is not, leverage opportunities and spot gaps

  • an in-depth analysis of your current systems and strategies

  • a custom 90-day action plan with actionable steps and goals delivered to you 7 days after your session

  • one week of email support following the delivery of your action plan

  • the feeling that you are discussing with a supportive friend who genuinely wants you to succeed :)

Starting from​ 300 €


Option 3:

"Data are just summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful." - Chip Heath

Who is it for?

  • You want to clearly identify what drives your business forward, which marketing efforts generate the most leads, conversions, and therefore revenue

  • Despite having Google Analytics set up on your website, you rarely, if ever, take a peek at it

  • You are drowning in data from various sources like your website, email marketing platform, a Google Sheet, or payment processor, but they seem like scattered puzzle pieces. You wish they could form a coherent narrative and give you actionable insights. 

What will you get?

  • a 45-minute call and audit report, to look at what is happening in your business, inspect your current Google Analytics setup, identify the questions you want to answer, and suggest an action plan

  • implementation and/or optimization of your data collection

  • custom-build dashboards to visualize your traffic, marketing, and sales

  • a video training on how to use the dashboards

  • once the project is completed, a one-hour call to review the final delivery

  • 2 weeks of follow-up.

Starting from​ 500 €

Please note packages are custom designed for your goals and budget.

Currently, the audit is complimentary and you will receive an exact quote after it.

Ready ? Set ! Grow !

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